Jimmy Butler First And Last Practice With Timberbulls

Oh. My. God. The Great and Almighty Woj (aka Adrian Wojnarowski) has dropped the bomb of all bombs today: what happened at Jimmy Butler’s first practice with the Timber-Bulls. Woj reports that Jimmy did practice today, despite some reports that he wouldn’t (even though Woj said he would).  The best part isn’t that Jimmy showed that he was true professional and came to work.  No, the best part is what occurred at said practice. So apparently Jimmy, during the course of the practice, verbally berated coaches, players, and the front office during the course of the practice.  Most was directed towards Thibs, Towns, Wiggins, and the GM.  On top of is, he also screamed towards the GM, “You f***ing need me.  You can’t win without me.” You know what makes this even better?  That in a scrimmage, Jimmy and the third string players went up against the starters.  According to Woj, not only did Jimmy and his band of misfits win, but Jimmy also ‘dominated in every single way’. I absolutely LOVE this Jimmy Butler right now.  I honestly hope he gets traded (which this should speed along the process if anything) to a team in the West now so he can absolutely destroy the Timber-Bulls more than twice this year.

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