FTD: LCS Preview And Thoughts On Aaron Boone

Fuck Aaron Boone. Aaron Boone is a complete dumbass and should never coach again for the New York Yankees. On Monday, Severino struggled through the second inning. The Sox scored one run. He should have never come out for the third inning, especially with the bullpen the Yankees have. But, Boone lets him go out and then all hell breaks loose. “Ah cut him a break.” Okay, fair it was one game, but Tuesday night, CC struggled and gave up 3 runs. He should have been pulled in the second, again. But nah, Boone didn’t want to “upset Sabathia.” Boone has struggled managing this team all year long. Alex Cora out-managed and out-smarted him. The Yankees need to fire Boone and Larry Rothschild, their pitching coach, if they want any chance of being a real threat. Hire Alex Rodriguez and win it all next year. Now that I got that off my chest, the four best teams remain, which is weird to say this late in the season. Usually there is some upset, but not this year. We have the Dodgers vs the Brewers and the Red Sox vs the Astros, let’s preview them.

Red Sox vs Astros

The two best teams in baseball. Houston went out and did what everyone expected them to do. Their pitching was phenomenal, their hitting was unreal, and they looked like the World Series Champions they are. The Astros won the season series 4-3, splitting the 4 games in Houston and taking 2/3 in Boston. But that doesn’t matter. Boston is Boston. The best hitting team in the league, a top 5 pitching staff as well. Boston destroyed New York. Their bullpen was shaky, but their starters saved them. In a five-game series, you have the ability to use your starters out of the bullpen, but you can’t do that in a 7 game series. The Yankees tore Kimbrel apart and scored all but 4 runs off the Red Sox bullpen. The Astros should consider that. Cora had a quick leash for everyone in the ALDS. If the Astros can cause the starting pitcher to sweat early, it’ll be interesting to see what Cora does. I think the Astros win this series in 6. The inconsistency of the bullpen scares me and so does the possibility of having to pitch David Price twice in the same series. I could see this series going 7, but I still think the Astros are the better team and they will advance.

Dodgers vs Brewers

This game is ultimately for second place. Neither of these teams will win the World Series. The Dodgers are playing their best ball of the year. In the NLDS, they toyed with the Braves and won 3-1. A key to watch in this series will be Kershaw. Will Kershaw finally overcome his playoff jitters? I believe so. The Brewers are the hottest team in baseball. Three weeks ago, they were 5 games back of the NL Central leading Cubs and now they’re in the NLCS as the NL Central Champions. They have the MVP, they have the pitching, they have everything working for them right now. They swept the Rockies and I think they’ll win this series in 5 or 6. Something to keep an eye on is Kershaw. If he can get quality starts, it goes 6 games. If not, Brewers win in 5.

World Series: Brewers vs Astros

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