Double Standard With Khabib

Honestly, I do not know anything about UFC or boxing and I am not going to pretend that I do, but I need to get something off my chest. Khabib is being treated completely unfairly. I, for one, am not going stand for it. This recent outrage against him is ridiculous and unwarranted. It has revealed an underlying double standard that shakes the sports industry to its core.

This past Saturday, Khabib Nurmagomedov fought Conor McGregor at UFC 229. Even with my limited knowledge of fighting, I could tell that Khabib absolutely dominated McGregor. After Conor tapped out and gave the win to the scary Russian guy, aforementioned scary Russian guy jumped out into the crowd and started wailing on everyone in sight. I like to think he had a target in mind, but I honestly didn’t read far enough into it. I assume there wasn’t because of how mad everyone got about it. There is just one question I actually care about that I have yet to get an answer for: What is the big deal?

Just about every off season, we see athletes doing their sport outside of the court, field, or pitch. Most recently, I’ve seen a video of Joel Embiid playing pick up with some guys at a park in Philly. We have seen videos of James Harden and Chris Paul playing 5 on 5 at some amateur gym. These extraordinary athletes put those innocent people’s ankles at serious risk of injury. Even LeBron James and Kevin Durant played football during the NBA lockout a couple years back. Do you know how dangerous it is to play football against LeBron? Why are they allowed to do their sport or even other sports whenever they want and Khabib is crucified for it?

When Khabib jumped out into the crowd and started doing his sport outside the octagon, he was just doing what every other athlete was doing. Why is it that he must be the one that keeps it to himself? I am sick of this double standard that is being placed on the UFC. They should be able to fight anyone they want outside the octagon and be celebrated for it just like every other athlete.

Author: Wic

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