Bengals Will Win the AFC North

I don’t care if it is only week 5, I am officially jumping the gun on this one. The Bengals will win the AFC North and it will not even be close. They have already jumped out to an early 3-1 start including a 34-23 win the Ravens who are the only team that can give them a run for the division. The Bengals have Joe Mixon coming back, getting healthy, and hitting hard (as always). Even so, Gio has been playing great as a back up option. They have an awesome receiving trio, Dalton is putting some good work, and the pass rush is proving to be the best in the division. I’m excited to see what this team will do. Besides, I can’t see the Steelers, Browns, or Ravens taking this division championship anyway.

The Bengals are actually good this year. This offense deserves all the credit from the NFL. While they may not be too impressive when it come to yards per game, this team knows how to get the ball in the endzone. Cincy is 4th in the NFL in scoring at 31.5 points per game. If their game last week against the Falcons told us anything, like Aaron Hernandez, they’re not anyone you want get into a shoot out with. Dalton seems to be managing the game extremely well if you completely disregard the 4 INT game against the Panthers. Plus, his hair looks awesome in those uniforms. Mixon and Bernard are firing on all cylinders. Don’t forget about the receiving trio of AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, and John Ross. They have been incredible this year, especially Green. Don’t sleep on this defense either. They may be giving up 28 points per game, but do me a favor and ignore that. Seriously, they are the real deal and have an amazing pass rush. In fact, Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap combine for the 2nd highest sack total by any duo in the NFL with 7.0. It is going to be tough to stop the Bengals in the AFC North especially with the competition in the division.

Who is going to be the Bengals this year? The Steelers? Come on. Ben Roethlisberger is so bad at football. He is one big hit away from disintegrating into a pile of dust. He’s also a huge coward for not blocking me on Twitter. Block me. Or at least have your assistant do it. I know how you love paying people to block others while you hide behind a screen. Mike Tomlin has also completely lost the locker room. His offensive line talking trash about their own teammates to the media. It looks like the Antonio Brown ordeal is over, but Le’Veon is nowhere near finished. To be fair, if were Le’veon, I wouldn’t want to be alone with Ben behind people paid to block for him either. Just saying. Could the Browns beat them? No. Don’t fall for the hype. They may have won a game, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that the last Browns quarterback to win a game on a Sunday was Johnny Manziel. Sadly, they have a lot of Sunday games coming up. And they lost to the Raiders. They may be getting better, but cannot win the division just yet.

The only team I would worry about if I were a Bengals fan would be the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have only been giving up 16.2 points per game, 4th in the NFL. Flacco also has been playing very well now that a legit quarterback is breathing down his neck and taking some snaps from him. Lamar Jackson is coming in on rushing playing doing a decent job at changing up some looks. Despite all this, the Bengals still put a beat down on them in Cincinnati. The 11 point win gave the Ravens their only loss of the season. It will be very interesting to see the rematch in Baltimore in Week 11, but I think the Bengals got this.

Now, if I know anything about the Bengals, it is that they are prone to completely destroying the hopes and dreams of the people of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. This division is theirs to lose. Stay wary and be careful, especially with Vontaze Burfict coming back. Do yourself a favor and don’t get too wound up in a close game. He loves making sure the Bengals don’t win those. Also, Mixon could very well get arrested for assault at some point, after all, he is an Oklahoma running back. I have faith in the Bengals this year. More than just about any team to win their division. I almost want to throw the Wic guarantee on it. Just remember, just because the Bengals will win their division, does not mean that they will win a playoff game.

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