October Is The Best Sports Month

I love October. Not only do we have Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin ales, actual pumpkins, and the landmark day when Cady asked Aaron what day it was; we have sports. All of them. It is just getting cold enough where sitting inside and watching sports all weekend is totally acceptable. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Any month that has football in it is one of the best. In the NFL, teams are beginning to settle in and set themselves apart. The pretenders start to make themselves known (Bucs, Ravens, Steelers, etc.). This is when opposing defenses begin to figure out the schemes like Andy Reid’s give the ball to the fast guy strategy. October is when the great teams like the Patriots get their shit together and control the AFC East whether we like it or not. Also, the MVP begins to rise and Fitztragic inevitably falls. Will Pat Mahomes keep up his record season? Will Jon Gruden live up to the $10 million he’s making this season. No to Gruden, but we will have to find out this October. We also have College Football. Just like the NFL MVP, we begin to see who the actual Heisman contenders are and who just had a decent game or two. Can Tua keep it up against some actual competition? Can Benny Snell continue his dominance of the SEC run game? Finally, conference play is here and we get to see teams like Alabama play some teams that don’t begin with “Northwest” or “UL.” I love it.


Basketball is just in the beginning stages of the regular season, but it’s back nonetheless. If the NBA is back, that means the headlines are too. Of course, we are going to have the wild claims of knowing where the Broccoli Jr. from VeggieTales (Jimmy Butler) is going. Of course, we are going to have all the MJ vs. LeBron debates. And of course, Stephen A. Smith’s HOWEVVA’s will be louder and longer than ever. Now, I can’t forget all the hot takes about who can take the Warriors down. Even after they beat the Rockets by 20, we will still have the LeBron Stans saying that he can do it this year with less help than last year. The only one you’ll get from me is that the Celtics have an actual shot. I can’t get too excited for the NBA just yet, because there will still be 65 games left after October, but I’m all here for it.


I am the biggest sucker for some playoff baseball. I love being able to sit through a whole nine innings and not want to end it all. Best part: the playoffs start with the most exciting part of any postseason. An elimination game. And this year’s Wild Card did not disappoint. Plus, I don’t have to pretend to care about the abundance of shitty teams the MLB has. The true fans take to Twitter, the players play harder, and stadiums are actually filled. Why? Because the games finally matter. When a team has to win and doesn’t have 162 teams to fall back on, it starts to pick up the pace a little bit. Finally, it gives Cincinnati fans a chance to watch a game where 2 good teams play each other.


Just like the NBA, hockey begins its regular season in October. I still can’t get too excited, because there is such a long season ahead of us. But I do love me some headlines. Is it the Cap’s year? Why not. With the hot takes, comes NHL Twitter. Specifically, NHL vs. NBA Twitter. I live for the fights that always start with the NHL calling out the NBA for being soft. I don’t know too much about hockey, that’s more of Parmesan Don’s thing, but the return of the NHL is just more to get excited about.


European soccer started a little while ago, but October is when it heats up the most, especially the English Premier League. While every other leagues is basically decided by this point (Barcelona or Real Madrid will win the Spanish League, Juventus will win Italy, Bayern will win Germany, and PSG will win France, don’t @ me), the EPL is just getting started. The top 6 teams of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool begin to pull away from the rest of the league to see who will win the cup, and who will take the 4 coveted Champions League spots. Waking up at 8 A.M. to watch these games is well worth it too. Nothing like some Saturday morning excitement to go with your all day Saturday football excitement. Speaking of Champions League, the group stages have started and fill in the perfect midday sports void since the games always start around 2:30-3.

I love October. The month, the sports, the fest, it’s all great. Any true sports fan will agree with me. Whether you are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or soccer fan, or all 5 like me; you will never have a day where there is nothing to watch.

Author: Wic

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