I Don’t Hate That Vontae Davis Quits

This past Sunday, we all watched in confusion as the second half of the Bills vs. Chargers game started and a certain Bills cornerback refused to come back on the field. Was Vontae Davis injured? Is he being benched? Nope. Dude retired halfway through the game. Kind of a dick move, but I understand where Davis is coming from. He’s getting up there in age and was probably going to retire at the end of the season anyway. The Bills also had no shot at coming back from a 28-6 deficit. So why not play a round of Next Man Up? Let next year’s starter have a shot in a game with no pressure. The Bills actually only gave up 3 points in the second half.

To be completely honest, I thought this was hilarious. My man pulled the ultimate 5 year old move and took his ball and went home. Not only do I respect this move, but also I wish that more players would do it. Like the next time Ben Roethlisberger gets lit up because of a missed blocking assignment, he should be able to hobble off the field into his walking boot then into his car. The next time Brandon Knight gets dunked on by a guard that is significantly smaller than him; back to the locker room. After Barry Bonds hit home run 756, he should have shook hands with everyone on the field then back to the clubhouse.

Now, between Parmesan Don, Juice, I; a lot of things get by us in the real world. But not in the sports world. I am so on to you, Vontae Davis. This was his plan all along. He signed a one-year contract for $5 million during the off season and all he had to do to get that full $5 million was make the opening day roster. Nothing in his contract said he had to play every game. He was just waiting for a situation bad enough for him to walk away and it was inevitable that the Bills were going to provide him with that. Vontae Davis has successfully bamboozled the Buffalo Bills out of millions of dollars.

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