How Could OBJ Play This Year?

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the best players in this year’s NFL. A top 3 wide receiver depending on who you ask. A top 1 wide out if you ask Parmesan Don (@soft7parm) and I’m inclined to agree with him. During this past offseason, his was given a monster new deal from the Giants for 5 years, $95 million, making him the highest paid receiver in the league. Think about how many hotel rooms and white substances that can buy. There has been a lot of speculation about how his play is going to vary after last year’s injury. Two scenarios: OBJ is going to play like he just got PAID, or like he just got paid…

If OBJ plays like he just got paid… then expect him to play like he did the first 4 games last year. Statswise, he was okay for those games, but also received a hefty load of the targets. He had to come down with a couple of those balls. Beckham wasn’t jumping as high, his cuts weren’t as clean, and his hands were not as sticky as they always were. There were many drops last year that were simply unacceptable. Including 2 vs. the Packers that would have gone for touchdowns. Did he drown during the boat day and have a new worse OBJ take his place? Did the white substance in the hotel room slow him down in some way? I hope not. The NFL is so much more fun with Beckham choke slamming cornerbacks. I’m hoping for the former of the two options.

My guess is that Odell plays like he just got PAID this season. This means that he will be back to his old ways. The same guy that was making one handed catches while being interfered with that would make Randy Moss’ jaw drop. I want him to have the best year of his career. So good that Eli(te) will be brought back into the Top 15 discussion. So good that he is on the dust on sight list for every cornerback on an NFL roster and the practice squad. After that first game of the season with 11 receptions and 111 yards, I think he will be incredible. If he can stay healthy, he will have 130 receptions, 1,540 yards, and 20 touchdowns.

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